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Results for Israel

Choose Life (Daily Portion 10306)

The Lord promises that He will restore the scattered Israelites to the land of promise when they repent and return to Him. Continued possession of the land is based on obedience to the commandments of God. This day the Israelites have a choice to make between blessing and cursing; between life and death. God pleads with them to choose life.

Type: Devotional

The Righteous Judgment of God (Daily Portion 10304)

The passage describes the righteous judgment of God and leaves man no excuse for disobeying His commandments. But even here, God

Type: Devotional

God Gathers the Outcasts (Daily Portion 10302)

In this chapter, God gathers the outcasts of Israel (mentioning the stranger, or foreigner, and the eunuch) and gives them a prominent place in His covenant. They will be blessed as God makes His house a house of prayer for all people. Yet, God continues to be angry with the shepherds who serve themselves alone and live as greedy dogs.

Type: Devotional

Passing on the Truth (Daily Portion 10301)

This passage teaches us the supreme importance of passing the truth of God from one generation to another. It also describes what happens when a generation of God

Type: Devotional

The Woman of Revelation Twelve

Can you explain the woman being hid in Revelation 12 and Israel's part in the tribulation?

Type: Question and Answer

The Apocrypha

What is the apocrypha and why was is contained in the 1611 King James Bible? Is the Apochrypha considered part of the Holy Bible?

Type: Devotional

The Presentation of Solomon (Daily Portion 10228)

Here, David spoke to the people in order to present Solomon as the next king and to establish him as the builder of the temple. David also shows the importance of preparation in the work he did to get ready for the construction of the house of the Lord.

Type: Devotional

The Covenant in Moab (Daily Portion 10227)

In Deuteronomy, God made a covenant with Israel that was distinct from His covenant with them at Mount Sinai. This one was made in Moab at the end of the forty years of wandering in the wilderness and at the time of their entry into the Promised Land. This chapter gives some description of that covenant.

Type: Devotional

Visions of Warning (Daily Portion 10224)

In this chapter, God gives Zechariah two visions of warning. First, he sees a flying roll, which is identified as the curse. This pictures the law of God and the curse on those who disobey it. Second, he sees a woman sitting in a basket called an ephah (after the size of the basket). This vision is called wickedness and portrays false religion.

Type: Devotional

The Lord Will Abundantly Pardon (Daily Portion 10223)

God has filled this short chapter with vivid pictures of redemption and wonderful verses of encouragement. Perhaps the theme of this chapter is that the Lord

Type: Devotional
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Daily Proverb

Proverbs 19:25

Smite a scorner, and the simple will beware: and reprove one that hath understanding, and he will understand knowledge.